Top 8 Loft Conversion Ideas

If you want to add value to your property or simply want more space in your house,  you should think about converting the loft of your house into a functional area. There are several ideas that you can use to convert your loft. We have listed down some of the most useful ones here.

1. Office Space

This is for people who prefer to do their office work alone, away from their kids and family. An isolated and spacious office will be a great use of the loft. You can install large skylights or light-colored wallpapers to brighten up the area.

2.Storage Room

Another very common loft conversion idea is making it into a storage room. It’s a great way to clear up your junk and unnecessary stuff from around the house and pile it up in the loft storage if you are not willing to throw it away completely. Do manage the storage space properly though, or you might end up with a dumping ground instead of a store room.

3. Gym

Converting your loft into a gym is another great use of the empty space. It’s much better to exercise at home when the gym memberships are so expensive, provided you have all the equipment. The loft provides you the ground; bring your machinery and start building!

4. Home Cinema

Your kids will love this idea. You just need a curtain and a projector. The loft is a relatively small room, so you can install a custom audio system for a near-cinema experience at your house. You can decorate the room a bit as well and add dim lighting to build the atmosphere.

5. Loft Music Studio

Almost the same idea as above, but this conversion will be just for you. You have more freedom on how to set up the studio. If you are someone who loves singing and listening to music, or if you’re thinking about pursuing a career in music, you’re welcome.

6. Your Own Personal Library

If you are a book hoarder, or simply want to organize your books in a neat way, you should consider converting your loft into a library/reading room. Not only will this room be quiet and peaceful for your reading, but it will also keep the mess of books and papers out of the way around your house.

7. Walk-in Wardrobe

Who doesn’t like a walk-in wardrobe? Vanities and dressing rooms are something that have always appealed women and men alike. Everyone wants to dress up and dress up fast. Accomplish this by converting your loft now.

8. Children’s Play Area

We all know that kids make a lot of mess when they are playing with toys. To avoid finding your kids’ toys from all around the house, you can allot a specific area in the home for the kids. Converting the loft into children’s play area will help keep the mess at bay, and also reduce the noise level in the house.


No matter what idea you decide to go with, if you’re looking for the right team for the job, look no further than Loft Conversion Experts Cardiff for all your loft conversion needs.