Bungalow Loft Conversion Cost in UK

Loft conversion is a popular way to add space to your bungalow which can be effectively used as an attic, an extra bedroom, a bathroom or a living space. It is easier to add accommodation for your family by loft conversions rather than shifting to a new place – which is definitely going to cost you more money.

The cost for a bungalow loft conversion depends on various factors including the type of loft conversion, the material and labor required, the building permissions and on-site regulation bills. Following is a detailed description of the expenditures for bungalow loft conversion in UK:

Cost calculation for various types of loft conversion:

Loft conversions can be done in many ways and types. Some of the common ones of them are:

·      Room in loft conversion:

This includes adding a room in the loft and typically costs up to £23,000. It is suitable for a few houses having a relevant roof space.

·      Dormer loft conversion:

This is usually the most trending loft conversion which comes at cheaper rates on an average of £52,000.

·      Hip to gable loft conversion:

This is relatively complex which makes it expensive as compared to room-in and dormer loft conversions. On an average, it takes up to £63,000.

·      Mansard loft conversion:

As it includes a more complex and complete overhaul of the loft, it is most expensive out of all the loft conversions. It costs between £52,000 and £80,000. On average, it costs around £67,000.

Moreover, the cost of a loft conversion must also include the planning permission and building regulation cost beforehand.

Planning permission cost:

Mostly, there is no need of acquiring any permission for the loft conversions as they are already allowed under Permitted Development Rights in UK. However, considering a few factors such as size of the conversion and conservation area, there might be a need to contact Local Authority.

Applying for a planning permission alone costs £198.

Building regulation cost:

In many cases, the bungalows are detached or semi-detached. For the detached property, there has to be no permission or agreement among neighbors.

For the semi-detached properties, there will have to be a Party Wall Agreement to legally have the permission of your neighbors for loft conversion. It depends on the complexity of agreement that how much will it cost. On an average, it takes several thousand pounds.

Moreover, submitting the plans and getting on-site inspections will cost you around £460 to £920.

Building cost:

The loft conversions also include the change in interior walls and adding up windows, staircase, insulations, various decorations and elements according to what area you want to convert the space into. The electric fittings and plumbing also have to be done accordingly.


Therefore, it is advisable to plan a loft conversion for your bungalow by consulting a trustworthy architect or a building company so that the cost can be effectively calculated before starting the construction and includes all the expenditures from construction to planning, building regulation and extra materials. If you’re looking for a loft conversion company in Cardiff to take on your project for the best price and with the highest quality of work, look no further than Loft Conversion Experts Cardiff. Get in touch today and we’ll be glad to help you with your dream loft conversion.